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Expensive does not GUARANTEE success

Not all marketing strategies have to bankrupt your company. We had the pleasure of partnering with Colton Risk Management ( on this very simple yet amazingly effective marketing campaign. When it comes to marketing, expensive does not always guarantee success.

Connecting You To your customers

How are you connecting with your customers?  Do you have a Social Media Strategy?  How is your brand being recognized?  At Lucidi Technical Solutions we can guide you down the complicated path of Social Media to connect you with an ever growing population of customers.  Don't miss out on the FREE opportunities that Social Media can bring to your business.

How do you evaluate your software solutions

How do you evaluate your new software solutions.  With all of the cloud options in today's technology world it can be very overwhelming.  Sometimes the best place to look is within.  In this video our CEO and founder discusses one of the frequently overlooked options when deciding on a new software solution.

And The Winner Is...

Here is the third and final video of our current marketing campaign with #L&D Piping Inc.  Once again, this video needed to be completed in a single day and once again, we delivered on time and to an extremely satisfied customer.  If you are looking for a creative and innovative way to deliver your next great idea or product give us a call.

Free Shirt Challenge

Another successful  marketing campaign we created for one of our amazing partners, L&D Piping.  If you are in need of a quick,reasonable  #marketingcampaign give Lucidi Technical Solutions a call.  You won't be disappointed.  And if you are really in a creative mood, reach out to L&D Piping ( for your free shirt.  Then send them a really cool, creative picture of the shirt and you will automatically be enrolled in their 300.00 dollar giveaway!! 

About Us


Our Experience

We specialize in helping companies better utilize technologies to improve their overall business processes resulting in increased productivity and reduced costs.  With over 25 years of experience in the technologies field we bring a unique set of application and website development along with various technology skills to every company we partner with.  Whether you are looking to simply improve your internal business processes using your existing technology stack or you are looking for a fully customized desktop or web-based application or if your IT strategy is to adopt a SAAS (Software As A Service) based model we have the years of experience and knowledge to help you on your technology journey.


Case Study In Innovation

At Lucidi Technical Solutions our goal is to provide our partners with the best technical solutions possible in today’s complex, and every changing, technologies market.  We would like to share with you a case study of one of our most amazing and  exciting endeavors we ever developed.  This innovative solution was the brain child of our owner and CEO and we would like to share his personal journey.  Sometimes the most innovative approaches come from the most common of scenarios.  Please be assured that this is NOT a sales pitch but rather a case study on how we use innovation to see forward into the future to build a “best in class“ solution  Click on the link below to read the full article.

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Why Us?

Here at Lucidi Technical Solutions we pride ourselves on our commitment to our partners by providing the best technical solutions we can offer.  We do not look at our contacts as clients but rather partners.  Partners we can walk with to the next generation of technological advancements.  We give 100 percent to each and every client we partner with.  No client is too small or too large.  Whether you are a local small business looking for help to better utilize your existing technology stack to increase productivity and lower costs or you are a fortune 500 company trying to utilize Cloud based technology to bring you into the new technical capabilities we can help you.  It is our commitment to our partners that give us the edge over all other consulting companies and we welcome you to reach out to us and let us show you what we can do for your business.


Meteorologist Joe Cioffi - Mobile App


Thank you Joe Cioffi for partnering with us on this amazing project. What started out as a simple website review turned into a truly amazing journey culminating in a one-of-a-kind mobile weather experience. 

Jeffrey Fogel Interiors - Web Site


A beautifully simple site with wonderful "page flipping" animation.  The site embodies the artistic personality of the Interior designer.  We had an amazing time collaborating and innovating with Jeff to eventually settle on this wonderful website.

L&D Piping - JTS Desktop App


When we first met with Jimmy and his team at  L&D they were struggling, like many other businesses, with the estimating and tracking of their projects.  After a free Business Process Evaluation they agreed that the best approach would be a fully custom desktop application.  The end result was an amazing application that streamlined their entire estimating process as well as reduced costs.

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Too many businesses today severely under utilize their existing technologies thereby limiting the potential cost savings.  We are offering, for a limited time, a free Business Process Evaluation for your company.  A $400.00 dollar value is now absolutely FREE .  We visit your business to sit with you and review your existing business processes.  We then provide a comprehensive analysis of your business processes along with suggestions of how you can improve your processes, increase productivity and reduce overall costs.  All, using your existing technology stack.

If you are interested in receiving a FREE Business Process Evaluation simply complete your information in the "Contact Us" section and be sure to include Promo Code: LTS0126